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Debut Album [07 Dec 2007|09:14am]
1) Go on Wikipedia.
2) Click Random Page - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random The title of this article is your band name.
3) Click Random Page again. This is your album name.
4) Click 12 more times. These articles are the CD's tracks.

Risa Wataya - Pellet Waggler

1. Teuzzone
2. Haplochromis cyaneus
3. Cystathionine gamma-lyase
4. Farm River
5. Inherent Powers
6. David Batchelor
7. Destroying Divina
8. Puerto Salgar
9. Arkansas Highway 32
10. HMS Hostile (H55)
11. Adverbial genitive
12. Pokémon: The Original Series

This appears to be the worst album of all time.
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[18 Feb 2006|09:12pm]
Is anyone here a paid member of LiveJournal?
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CoverFlow [18 Feb 2006|09:06pm]
CoverFlow lets you browse your iTunes albums like they were physical albums.

I haven't tried it out yet but it looks really cool.

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Chasing One's Tail [18 Feb 2006|07:19pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

I don't need to spend $100 a month on cable when I have this for free.

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Eyes of the Ranger [14 Feb 2006|02:10am]
[ mood | happy ]

Does the theme song for Walker: Texas Ranger get any better? Yes, yes it does, when it comes on at 1:00 in the morning while your roommate is watching TV.

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LeisureWorld [14 Feb 2006|12:11am]
[ mood | good ]

Last Thursday I had a lot of fun when I went down to Leisure World in Laguna Woods to present an overview of System Preferences.

Katrina came with me, and I'm glad she did because I have to admit I was a little nervous as there were more than 100 people there! I sat down in front of their bright new projector and gave an hour long talk on the ins and outs of configuring a Mac.

I think I covered a lot of information and hopefully I didn't talk too fast! I think some of it may have gone over some people's heads, but with 100 people every one has a slightly different expectation of what they will learn. All in all, though, I think everyone left there with at least something new they could take home and try out.

Here's a page from the LWMUG website that I archived for historical purposes.

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SideKick [12 Feb 2006|01:55am]
A similar photomontage will be made of anyone else that buys a SideKick.

Ryan Charles Ansley and his freshly purchased SideKick

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Help a brother out [12 Feb 2006|01:24am]
Got it! 300MB of sweet Roman bliss. It's terrifying to think that games like this might be lost when the Intel transition is complete!

If you guys really love me, you'll help me get this torrent up and running:
I left the CD at home and I'm dying to play.

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We Are All Brack People [05 Feb 2006|11:35am]

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LivePress Working Again [04 Feb 2006|12:12pm]
[ mood | sick ]

The WordPress plugin that helps me to crosspost between here and my LiveJournal is now (theoretically) up and running, thanks to these instructions for modifying the plugin.

Hopefully an official 2.0-compatible release will be forthcoming.

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Upgrading to WP2 [26 Jan 2006|01:10pm]
I'm in the middle of class, and decided that would be a great time to upgrade the site to WordPress 2. Here goes nothing.

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Damn Police [09 Jan 2006|03:07pm]
College kids turn the tables on cops that use Facebook to bust parties.

(also via boingboing)
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5 Year Old Gets Drunk at Applebee's [09 Jan 2006|03:05pm]
The headline explains it all. If only I could get so lucky.

Pereles said she did not realize her son was drinking a concoction of white rum, gin, vodka, triple sec, Coke and sweet-and-sour mix until it was too late.

(via boingboing)
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Nüvi 350 [06 Jan 2006|10:23pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

So if you've been around me much you've probably already seen my Christmas toy--the Garmin nüvi 350.

This guy is probably my favorite gadget at the moment, and that includes the iPod. I'd never heard of it, nor did I ask for it, so my parents are even ahead of me in the technology department. Despite not having dropped any hints for it (having never heard of it) nor any kind of similar product, it's something I use every day.

What is it? The slickest GPS product I've ever seen. I've got a GPS unit I can plug into my PowerBook and run a navigation program called Route USA 2004. That's got multiple problems. First, I've always got to bring my PowerBook with me, and

  • I don't want to leave my PowerBook in my car

  • The battery only lasts for a few hours

  • It's a massive tangle of wires with an extra GPS device, an inverter, and my charger.

  • The GPS device isn't very sensitive and has to be mounted in dashboard.

  • It's not exactly easy to see a PowerBook screen while driving.

Then, there's the software itself. It's dog slow, even on my 1.5GHz PowerBook, and the navigation features while driving are pretty much non-existent. It sucks down the battery while doing its processing, and the interface is completely unresponsive while it's doing something. Accidentally do something that's going to take awhile? Good luck trying to cancel it. It's easily beat by Microsoft Streets and Trips (yes, I can admit it) but of course, that won't run on Macs, and VirtualPC would make it horrifically slow.

Basically, it's better than nothing but not by much. It also required a co-pilot to navigate, so if you're solo and lost, forget about it.

So that's where the nüvi comes in. (I don't get the German name either.) It's a sleek little handheld device that fits nicely into the palm of your hand. It also easily mounts in your car, either with a suction cup or a piece of adhesive.

The best part is the touch screen. There is only one button, the power button, and everything else is controlled by on-screen buttons that you just touch. Everything is responsive, and when you touch something, there's audible feedback and then the interface responds. You never feel like you're waiting for it.

It's also got a sweet 3D view that updates and you drive, and perhaps the sexiest part is the voice that navigates for you. I've got mine set to a British accent (her name is Emily) and she lets you know of turns coming up. Unlike previous units I've read about, this one actually announces the name of the street as well as the distance, meaning you don't even need to take your eyes off the road for a second.

It's got a built-in directory of businesses, and an easy way to search for them. If you're in the middle of nowhere, and you get a hankering for Italian food, it's two button presses and it will start to list off the closest restaurants. I've been to more fish and chips shops since I got it than the last twelve months.

It's got an SD card slide on the side so you can view your photos, as well as load extra maps on it. You can get traffic information on it with a optional card, too. It's got an MP3 player that you can load via USB, plus the built-in speaker. Too bad all of my music is in AAC. The other problem is that it seems that music plays insanely loud, and when Emily starts to talk to you, it's really soft.

All in all, I dig it. I didn't know I needed it, but it would be tough living with out now. When people start to give me directions, I can safely ignore them and have Emily guide the way. And since it's handheld, I can take it with me when I go to London and use it on foot!

Give me a call if you want a demonstration.
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Retarded Jokes [06 Jan 2006|01:46am]
Okay, you know I love jokes. And sometimes I even enjoy blonde jokes. This one had me laughing for well over 5.7 minutes.
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quote of the night [03 Jan 2006|09:49pm]
"Katrina, we're driving in a big circle."

"No we're not."

"Target was back there, we just were thee and now we're going back."

"Yeah but it's going to be a square, not a circle."

Posted from my BlackBerry, woohoo.
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Holy Crap [30 Dec 2005|03:17am]
Just so I don't wake up tomorrow and think I was dreaming:

Tonight Amanda and I were walking home through the apartments of Irvine. I thought I saw a cat lurking through some bushes, so we went over to pet it. As we approached, it noticed us and shrank somewhat. Then I noticed something: it was spotted. Like a leopard or something.

And then I realized I was this close to petting a baby bobcat.

We didn't know whether to run or just walk really fast.

Yes, I faced death in the eyes, tonight.
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New Hypothesis [22 Dec 2005|09:39pm]
Tom's First Law of Christmas: If you work retail, Christmas doesn't exist for you, but some alternate, twisted hell-iday.

Although I'm sure someone already beat me to this law.
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Finally, some time off [21 Dec 2005|03:20pm]
[ mood | content ]

I've been working non-stop since I got home from England. It was home one day, work at 9:00 the next. Quite brutal. The days were long, too, but no complaints, because I can use the money.

I had yesterday off, and I have today and tomorrow off too. I'm looking forward to lounging about, playing some World of Warcraft (it's been two weeks!) and getting stuff done around the house.

Katrina is in Colorado visiting her family. I wish I could be there as I haven't seen them in a long time and they're a nice family, but I have obligations to work and my own family. Maybe after Christmas when retail is marginally less hectic I'll be able to visit them. Colorado is nice in the winter, especially for a California boy who never grew up with snow. (Except for that one time in fourth grade. I think Fallbrook lifers will know what I'm talking about.)

Please remind me to pick up my dry cleaning on Friday.

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Things to get in England [12 Dec 2005|02:45am]
Things I need to remember to buy in England:

  1. Thirteen Senses CD "The Invitation" for Rob

  2. Absinthe for Katrina... or at least the bottle. Since they don't sell empty bottles, that's a lot of absinthe for one man to drink by himself in a few days.

  3. Tobacco for my manager. He hasn't let me know which variety to get yet, so this is still up in the air.

It feels like there is something missing here. If there's anything you guys need, leave a comment.
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