Like a Stab to the Face (stabtotheface) wrote,
Like a Stab to the Face

Debut Album

1) Go on Wikipedia.
2) Click Random Page - The title of this article is your band name.
3) Click Random Page again. This is your album name.
4) Click 12 more times. These articles are the CD's tracks.

Risa Wataya - Pellet Waggler

1. Teuzzone
2. Haplochromis cyaneus
3. Cystathionine gamma-lyase
4. Farm River
5. Inherent Powers
6. David Batchelor
7. Destroying Divina
8. Puerto Salgar
9. Arkansas Highway 32
10. HMS Hostile (H55)
11. Adverbial genitive
12. Pokémon: The Original Series

This appears to be the worst album of all time.
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